Who we are

ISA3Brescia deals with the automation of galvanic plants in Italy and abroad. For some time we cooperate with Buffoli Impianti for which we carry out the projects for the automation of the plants they produce. These plants are essentially constituted by a number of basins containing the chemical compounds required for the working of parts (for example, zinc plating, anodizing, tin plating, gold plating of metal and plastic parts, etc.) and from a series of hoists which move frames or tumblers containing the materials to be treated. The benefit of an automated system is the possibility to have one or more operators, directly from the computer in the management framework, who can set up and test cycle times and production, temperatures, currents and voltages, dosages and each other tool installed on the system.

Another not insignificant advantage is the possibility to consult at any time the progress of the workings and manage, thanks to our software, the entire production chain from raw materials to the packaging.

Why choose us? Because we offer to our customers many customization options to meet the needs of each facility. Because thanks to the constant demands of customers and to our devices we offer software up to date and cutting edge.